H2H design + build, LLC | Warwick Drive: First Floor Remodel
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Warwick Drive: First Floor Remodel

A Family Affair

This inviting and expansive space encompasses the client’s long-time desire to host quality family gatherings, which up until now has never been possible. The traditional compartmentalized floor plan of this original 1950’s built home lent little poise when time came for entertaining. With little more than a dinette located within the small kitchen, the clients opted to move furniture about the house and in from the garage whenever they had family over for dinner.

Some solutions incorporated into the design include opening up all of the spaces and creating visual separations. Custom cabinetry was designed to create spacious work stations, allow for the cook(s) to interact with guests and double as an open barrier from traffic traveling to adjacent spaces. The use of light and airy finishes combined with dark wood floors help make this small home feel large and expansive as well as warm and inviting. The overall kitchen footprint was expanded by redirecting the foyer and allowing the kitchen to spill out into the family room. Further space was created by transforming the original family room into a dining room and eliminating the dinette to allow additional space for the kitchen to expand.

The design of this whole house remodel is highlighted by the open concept of the kitchen which has become the focal point of the home. A formal dining room, living room and formal foyer surrounds the kitchen creating an expansive floor plan built with beautiful colors, textures and finishes that represent a space fit for a family affair

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