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Curated + Crafted

We let the fundamentals of design guide our hands. It’s about building beautiful homes that measurably improve people’s lives. As a design + build firm our focus is to find simple solutions to complex challenges with a strong emphasis on craft in every detail from design through construction. Learn a little more about our process below.

Design Phase
Planning Phase
Construction Phase

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Design Phase

  • Tape + Photo

    At this meeting your designer will come to your home to measure and take photos of the existing space. Expect about 1–2 hours for this meeting.

  • Revisions + Detailing

    At this meeting your designer will share the design based on collaborations from the previous meeting, in addition to the finite details and specifications that go into making a remodel just right. Here your 2nd payment is due. Expect about 2.5 hours for this meeting.

  • Floor Plan + Material Overview

    During this meeting your designer will present to you options for your new space. From different floor plans to various material mood boards to collaborate on. Here your first payment is due and we will collect a house key for a lock-box located on the property. Expect 2–2.5 hours for this meeting.

  • Site Walk

    This meeting will consist of your Field Team and Trusted Partners visiting your home in order to get a proper idea of the scope of work involved so that we can accurately estimate the costs. Your attendance is not required. Here your 3rd payment is due. Expect us for about 1 hour.

  • Wrap- Up Meeting

    This meeting is an overview of the final design with any revisions that have been decided. Here your 3rd design payment is due. Expect about 1 -2 hours for this meeting.

  • Estimate + Agreements

    Upon the completion of the detailed estimate you will receive an email copy to review in depth. We will set a time to collect payment and signed agreements following any revisions and your approval of the design and costs associated with the materials and construction. Payment for all materials, city permits and site services are due at this time.

Planning Phase

Before we can get started on the planning, we need to confirm and complete the following:

Fine Tune: ensure that everyone is happy with the overall design in relation to the estimate. 

Payment: Make payment for the site services, city permits, engineering and the materials needed to build your remodel.. 

  • 01

    Confirm Construction Start Date

  • 02

    Material Ordering/Receiving

  • 03

    Finalize Construction Drawings

  • 04

    Retrieval of City Permits
  • 05

    Develop Construction Schedule
  • 06

    Construction Preparations

Construction Phase

  • Demolition

    This is when the action starts! It’s a very exciting time for most and the point of the project that you will see the most change in the least amount of time

  • Rough

    Work behind the walls allows for functionality upon the completion of the remodel. It’s harder to see exactly what’s going on in this phase if you’re not familiar with rough framing, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical instillation.

  • Closing of Walls

    The space begins to take shape as the sheetrock is installed and prepared for the beautiful finishes that you and your designer collaborated on throughout the design phase.

  • Finishes

    Things begin to speed up as you witness the materials and finishes that you and your designer chose start to show up and be installed.

  • Punch List

    This is when the action starts! It’s a very exciting time for most and the point of the project that you will see the most change in the least amount of time

Track Your Project

We offer secure, online access to your very own webpage with all the details and selections for your project! You will be able to track photos of the construction progress, view the construction schedule, view and approve change orders and selections, as well as access important documents.  With the online messaging system you can easily communicate with the H2H team 24/7, no matter if you are at home, work or even on vacation!

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