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Keys to A Killer Laundry Room

Keys to A Killer Laundry Room

Let’s be honest, laundry is that one chore that all makes us cringe. And if for some crazy reason you disagree with that statement, hey, more power to ya! But if you’re anything like me and recoil at the thought of multiple loads, shoot, even one load… update your laundry room (or let us build you one) with these tips to make laundry loads of fun.

1. Invest in a drying rack- Of course you can go classic, but check out this refurbished ladder mounted to the ceiling. So adorable!


2. Create a folding station- Whether it’s a slab on top of your washers, a wall mounted counter, or even a fold up table that you can store away, ensuring there is a dedicated folding station will make things a whole lot easier.


3. A Utility Sink is a MUST!- This is convenient for stains, hand washes, and for soaking. (Plus a great place for the kids crafts)


4. Platforms Platforms Platforms- Genius. Raising up your washer and dryer make them wayyyyyy easier to get in and out of. Some washer and dryer models will come with this option (score). If not, do it yourself and build the platforms to house storage bins for detergents and other supplies.


5. Ample Shelving Required- Shelving might be the most important component of a laundry room. It gives you the space you need for minimal clutter. Add open shelving right above your washer and dryer for convenience, or hide them away in cabinets.

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