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Fall in Love Again…. With Your Home

Fall in Love Again…. With Your Home

All you need in this life of sin, is you and your Home! Reference these simple tricks to keep a happy and healthy relationship between (arguably) one of the most important relationships in the book.


Give your space some room to breathe.

Add some green to your home! You won’t regret it! A healthy mind and body is important in a relationship…  A sleepless night can cause anxiety, stress and a full on attitude. Invest some green into some green and go the natural route to ensure the quality of your life and your relationship.

Here are our top faves and their most attractive qualities:

  • Lavender – Lowers stress levels and blood pressure
  • English Ivy – Improves symptoms of allergies , as the power to clean up to 94% of airborne gunk.
  • Jasmine – Helps you relax and impacts your sleep quality
  • Aloe Vera – Emits Oxygen at night


Try A New Perspective.

Put up a few mirrors! Looking at your home in the same way all the time, you sometimes miss the important things. By taking a fresh look through the reflection of a mirror, you just might find new love for details you’ve missed otherwise. Plus, adding mirrors creates the illusion of a bigger space. Don’t forget to take a minute to check out that hot thang looking right back at you while you’re at it!


Move all that Clutter to the Gutter. 

Decluttering (done right) can allow you to fall head over heels for your home again. However, this isn’t a quick fix! You have to put in work and really invest in this relationship. Dig deeper – What do you really want out of your home? Plan it out and follow through. Make a floorplan and label the rooms, list out what you expect from those rooms to function, and remove that extra drama! Know the difference between what is functional for each room in your home and what clearly isn’t.


So next time you catch yourself crying over the perfection of Chip and Joanna, remember these 3 tips to “fix up” your relationship with your home.

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