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Organization Hacks

Organization Hacks

New Year, new you, right? We’re not here to judge… maybe your resolution to “get organized” was made back in 2014.. Oh well. We’re here to help you tackle that baby now.

If you’re anything like me (shh.. don’t tell my boss), organization is not necessarily your thing. Granted, when my boyfriend asks where something is in my borderline uninhabitable apartment, I can find it in a heartbeat. And no, not because it’s only 600 square feet. What I need to work on is getting it organized so he can find things himself (haha).  Check out these easy and affordable hacks to implement this New Year (and this time, no excuses).

Believe me, you’ll thank me when you don’t have to anxiously pick up before your in-laws show up within 2 hours’ notice.


For your Vanity:

Utensil organizer. They provide the perfect sized compartments for combs, brushes, and your curling wand. Then dedicate one section to your hair ties, bobby pins, etc. You could even use


For the Kitchen:

File Organizer. Great tool to organize cookie sheets, cutting boards, and other bakeware to keep those cabinets clutter free!


For your Closet:

Shower Hooks. Okay, I am blown away. Use them to hang shorts, belts, and scarves. No joke, I’m heading to pick some up after I leave the office.


For the Hall Closet:

File Folders. Use these babies to hold reusable bags instead of cramming them into one under the sink. Adhere them to the back of the hall closet for easy access to grab on the go.


For the bathroom:

Hanging Fruit Basket. Genius. No more squashed rubber duckies on the floor. Put all of the kiddos bath toys in a hanging fruit basket and hang from the shower rod. PS: This also allows the water to drip right into the tub!


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