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Best Buys For Your Budget

Best Buys For Your Budget

Christmas is over, and we can admit that our wallets are crying due to the holiday shopping! 2017 was a great year for some, and worse for others, but that’s why we have 2018 to start… and smell fresh for the new year, right?


The new year is mainly about improving what you lacked in the previous year such as eating better, getting that pay raise, sleep more, and travel. What if some say their new year’s resolution is to redecorate their monotonous and boring home ?! Not unusual, but the thought of switching that old dusty rug and replacing it with a new inexpensive one is thrilling and electrifying. Put those Holiday decorations down because the new year is here!! Here are some tips to find the best buys for your budget if you want an inexpensive and exciting change for the new year.


Overstock: Reclaimed Style Coffee Table $121.99- We all are in love with how inexpensive this coffee table is! It’s simple, but also has an elegance and uniqueness to it.

Wayfair: Bismark Grey Area rug $39.99- Who doesn’t love rugs? Incorporating rugs can take up room in your space, but can also make the room appear larger.

Flora Bunda Faux Succulent Garden Pot starting $19.99– Succulents are the perfect decoration, and plant to display in your space! Using succulents are so easy, because you don’t need to water them on a daily. They just need a lot of sun, and little water.

IKEA: Shelf Unit $79.99- When you don’t have enough room to put things, or you just can’t think of a place to display your plants, why not purchase a shelving unit! You’ll thank me for this! It’s a great item to have, and you can put as many things on there, but make sure it doesn’t look like an overload.










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