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It’s Finally Here!

It’s Finally Here!

Between the last nine months of construction on the new location of the studio, eight concurrent jobs, and hiring four new team members within a week of each other… There was only one thing left to do: revamp our website to correlate with everything the H2H brand embodies.

Let me tell you, we have a newfound respect for each and every site out there in the vast world wide web. This thing took work. From annoying little gaps of white space, getting our guys on the team to take photos (which I swear, is like pulling teeth), to taking a week to unanimously agree on our portfolio layout… our patience was clearly tested throughout this process. But hey, it’s beautiful and it has been worth all of the blood sweat and tears… okay that was a little dramatic but you get the point.

The evolution of our H2H brand from our baby blue beginning, to the sexy and sleek black and white finishes  represent our companies growth and how far we have gotten in recent years.  If you have stopped by the new studio, you will take notice the parallels in our new website. From glances of our Eternal Marquina quartz and our eco-friendly 3D wall, to glimpses of each of our individual personalities, visiting our website is essentially equivalent to stepping into our studio (although we would still prefer to see your faces).


Warm Regards,

The H2H Team

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