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H2H Design Studio

H2H Design Studio

They say home is where the heart is, and speaking on behalf of the entire team, 1264 South Bascom Avenue is where all of ours reside. Okay, that was a bit tacky… but in all honesty, that’s the truth.

Granted, I waltzed in when it was all done up and pretty, but the amount of hard work and soul poured into this location is undeniable. Anyone that knows Matt and Angela know that it’s “go big or go home.” And boy, they went big. This place was transformed from a stark and boring stuck in the 70’s commercial building to everything the H2H brand embodies.

The fish bowl inspired Design Lab (or Design Library) creates an exclusivity for current clients and also adds an intriguing element for those who walk in the front door. Filled to the brim with materials to reference and specify for projects, our clients are able to touch and feel tangible samples while in

the design phase.

Play around with the 360 photos below to drop in and get a feel for the studio we’re lucky enough to work in everyday..

But please, we love visitors! We’re here Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5:00pm!

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