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Christmas in the Park is back!

Christmas in the Park is back!

We’re baaaackkkk. And better than ever.

Famous snowman hot chocolate, adorable Plaza de Caesar Chavez, and (Guinness World Record breaking) 600 beautifully decorated trees. You would think it couldn’t get better than that… but throw some promiscuous Barbie dolls in the mix and bam- we’re sparking [controversy] quicker than a yule log.


Not only was that the story last year, but yet again, we are sparking up conversation with our 2017 tree. In fact, we interviewed with ABC7 News about a week ago. This year our intent was to use the Barbie’s again (makes perfect sense for our 1:6 scaled residential scenes) but to bring light to current events. If you haven’t seen our tree already, it features 3 different scenes highlighting current topics that profoundly affect our society today. Issues of human rights, equality, sexual assault, etc. are topics that need to be discussed and our tree is intended to encourage healthy conversation.

So grab the kids (or not) and check out our bright white and black tree located on the street right across from the Fairmont Hotel.


Have a cup of hot chocolate for us while you’re there!




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