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A Peek into 2018

A Peek into 2018

Get ready, 2018 is coming! And it’s going to offer some of the coolest design trends yet. Take a peek into 2018’s Interior Design world and give us a call when you’re ready to kick off your remodel!


Bold Colors

This is going to be HOT HOT HOT. This was a trend of 2017 that is guaranteed to carry over into the new year. Pantone revealed the color of the year, Ultra Violet, that will encourage more jewel tones and rich pops of color. Also keep an eye out for blues and greens. Sherwin Williams announced their color of the year as “Oceanside” and it is stunning.



Okay this one might be a toss up. We’ve seen lots of “fors” and lots of “againsts.” But this is something we already love!!! We actually featured concrete inspired tile in our latest master bathroom project (find it here). This tough and rugged material adds a unique element to any room. And its not just used for counter tops and slabs in your garage anymore… we’re seeing it as feature walls in bedrooms and even bathtubs. So cool. Don’t cha think?


Brass Accents

LOVE LOVE LOVE. We swear this is spec’d for all of our upcoming jobs. It has so much more character than the traditional nickel family. It adds warmth and personality to any room.


Black Fixtures

Another one we’ve already jumped on! Matte black fixtures and hardware are so sexy… and so H2H. They’re also a lot easier to clean than other polished metals. Score! Keep an eye out for them featured in our upcoming projects!


Artisan Elements

HGTV is the leader of interior design trends. Nancy Fire, HGTV’s design director revealed “Artisan Aesthetic” as a top trend for 2018. So keep an eye out for handmade tiles, woven textiles, and other obvious conversation pieces on HGTV this season!

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