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Decorating For The Holidays: Design Tips

Decorating For The Holidays: Design Tips

We take decorating for the holidays seriously. Here are a few design tips for decorating for the holidays:

Choose A Christmas Palette

An antique glass Christmas tree bauble on red ribbon. In a colou

To get a cohesive look and feel from your holiday decor, our first holiday decorating tip is to pick and stick with a color palette, even if you decide to choose the classic red, green & white. You may even want to think about adding gold to that Christmas palette of yours. Sticking to a palette may be the hardest part of decorating for the holidays but, trust us, you will not be disappointed.

Layers and Textures Add Depth

red and white christmas presents with bows by tree

Layering your holiday decoration space can be tricky, but it can also be the most simple. Take a close look at where you are decorating and layer with something that feels natural. It may be a comfy chair with a warm throw blanket with a cup of hot chocolate positioned in front of your fireplace or even decorative gifts stacked on a fluffy tree skirt. It is really up to you.

Adding texture is so easy for the holidays. When you think of something that makes you feel cozy and warm, it is usually something that full of texture and will be perfect for layering your holiday decorations. Felt stockings, faux fur blankets, glittery ribbon, chunky knit sweaters, velvet pillows are all simple and perfect for layering holiday decor.

Consider Your Personality

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Cheerful mom and her cute da

When decorating for the holidays, it is important that you consider your personality. You definitely want to go with a theme and design style that you will be comfortable with. One that compliments your personality will add to the holiday spirit. Many people reuse their holiday decor, so you want to make sure that what you choose you will be happy with year after year.

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