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Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Current bathroom remodeling trends are a mix of classic and classy styles mixed with improved efficiency, or in other words, the perfect combination of form and function. The expert personnel at H2H design + build are well versed with both sides of this equation.

current bathroom remodeling trends

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, as a multi award-winning member of NARI + NKBA, H2H design + build is well versed in a wide variety of styles and designs. On their website, you can find stunning shots of their construction and remodels, but you’ll also have access to testimonials from real customers. H2H design + build showcases modern, spacious designs, exquisite work following some of the most popular trends. This includes deluxe showers and tubs for spacious relaxation, space-saving smart storage bathrooms for the efficiency-conscious individual, and even more modern or exotic touches to suit personal fancy. Black and white tile is a popular trend. Whether you’re looking for something fresh and new, or perhaps a little more rustic Mediterranean in design, H2H design + build can help. The best part? They are there for every part of the remodel process.

bathroom remodeling

Consider their mission statement:

At H2H our focus is to bring you the best design solutions and remodeling services that fits your needs with a no nonsense approach. Our service and turn-key process sets us apart from general contractors and other design & build firms because we take care of all aspects of the renovation for you. Give us a call at 408-288-5372 or contact us for more information, and allow us to show you the difference!

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