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Tech Integration Home Renovations

Tech Integration Home Renovations

Tech integration home renovations are our specialty. Whether you own an outdated home or are looking to buy a fixer upper to make your dream home, H2H design + build is the perfect partner for you. If you have watched a home renovation TV show, you know what is possible with a spectrum of budgets. The TV show, Property Brothers, is the perfect example.

The home renovation business has changed dramatically in the past few years, especially in the Bay Area. We are proud to be an industry leader in tech integration home renovations. H2H design + build is an award-winning design, remodeling, and building firm that will partner with you  to custom design your current or new home, taking advantage of our many years of experience and knowledge of the design and build process and technology integration.

Our skilled tech integration advisors will personally guide you through the entire renovation and tech integration project. From developing a clear concept that compliments your lifestyle, to assisting you through the design and construction phases, and helping you select the tech products most suited for your needs, we are the design, build, and tech integration company for the job.

Tech integration throughout your home is a smart way to simplify your home and your life. Centralized tech control systems allow you to control smart appliances, smart thermostats, audio systems, video systems, media systems, lighting, high-tech security systems, gate and door access, and more from one fully integrated hand-held device. It will no longer be necessary to get up to adjust the thermostat or check outside when you hear a noise – you will be able to control your in-home tech devices from a portable touch screen. Some tech devices even operate through your tablet or phone and can be controlled even while you are away from home.

H2H design + build is a leading tech integration home renovation firm located in the Bay Area of California. We have built a reputation for exceeding the expectations of our clients. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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