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H2H design + build TV Pilot May Be Coming Soon To Your TV Screen

H2H design + build TV Pilot May Be Coming Soon To Your TV Screen

Are you at home flipping through channels such as HGTV + DIY seeing the same design aesthetics and same story lines? Are you wishing there was someone out there that added more of the technology in their design or incorporated that incredibly modern shower system making the ultimate luxurious master bathroom?

Well, H2H has some exciting news about possibly being picked up for a TV pilot! Our goal to bring in the tech in our home of the Bay Area where tech breeds may becoming a reality with the release of this TV Pilot. We have undergone several interviews with  a company named Cineflex.

What would an H2H show be about? The show would focus on the booming market for tech integration in the construction industry in the Bay Area. In recent years, technology has played a huge role in building and remodeling homes from design to construction to integration of technology in every room. With technology, kitchen become more functional, living rooms become more comfortable, bathrooms more pleasant to be in, and security features that make living in your home safer and more secure.

There are a few steps that still need to be taken but we are beyond blessed to be a part of this very exciting process.  We will be having a demo reel filmed in the coming months to be pitched to the TV networks across the nation and we are ECSTATIC! So, who better to share our exciting news than with all of you!

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