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High Tech Bathrooms: The Future of the Personalized Luxury Bathroom

High Tech Bathrooms: The Future of the Personalized Luxury Bathroom

It is 2016 and everything is Technology based!  From smartphones, to smart refrigerators, to smart bathroom fixtures, yes you read that right, smart bathrooms,  below are some awesome smart bathroom gadgets that are a must have!

A Programmable Shower:

Programmable ShowerTalk about the ultimate personalized Luxury Shower. According to Home IQ “Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Watermark Designs, released its “smart” system in 2015. One of the first iPhone and Android compatible system, it features a fully customizable setup allowing users to create a personalized bathing experience. A digital touch screen operates up to four shower outlets,  lights, audio device, and nine programmable preset showering scenarios. The system also tracks water usage through its Green Statistics function, which displays current, maximum and minimum water used in the shower, and allows the user to compare consumption to eight other pre-sets.” Talk about a smart luxury shower!  


The Tub That Is A Sound System:

The Tub That Is A Sound System

Think of a Beat’s by Dre Pill speaker but as an entire tub! The Sound Wave Bathtub is the wave of the future. It’s sure not your standard bathtub, this is a tub that doubles as a sound system, The system connects to bluetooth enabled devices and plays through the tub. When the tub is empty the tub acts as a large speaker device, when it is full the sound vibrates through the water as you bathe. According to Thrillist.com in an article about smart home Technology, “It’s a stereo-equipped steel enamel basin that pumps out tuneage via integrated Bluetooth speakers from your smartphone or tablet… Concealed beneath the interior edges are thin panels that pump audio through the surface, transforming the tub into a sound box that blares tunes over and under water, so it’s as functional for quick rinse as well as longer, post-workout soaks.” https://www.thrillist.com/tech/sound-wave-bathtub-speaker-bluetooth-enabled-speaker-system-built-into-retrofitted-bathtub

Hidden Cabinet Speakers:

Hidden Cabinet Speakers

Hidden inside the medicine cabinet, small but powerful wireless speakers are water-resistant and calibrated to offset bath-friendly but sound-reflective materials such as tile, glass, and metal. This Robern featured Medicine cabinet has all the functionality of a traditional medicine cabinet, and is bluetooth enabled to play out your favorite tunes or news stations while getting ready.  


A Faucet That Is Also A Dryer:

A Faucet That Is Also A Dryer

That’s right it’s a faucet that doubles as a hand dryer.  This high Dyson tech faucet washes and dries your hands in about 15 seconds.  According to Dyson’s website Using 400 mph and infrared technology this faucet determines whether to dispense water or air to dry your hands.  With a built-in HEPA filter you can be sure that all bacteria is eliminated from your hands with every trip to the restroom.  http://www.dyson.com/hand-dryers/airblade-tap.aspx

Those are just some of the hottest items in “smart” bathrooms!  These Techie tools can be incorporated into modern and classic designs. It’s 2016 and this is the Silicon Valley, for more tech friendly design contact us!

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