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Choosing the Right Remodeling Contractor

Choosing the Right Remodeling Contractor

So you have decided to move forward with that remodeling project you have been considering, don’t know how to choose the right remodeling contractor? Finding the right fit in a remodeling contractor is generally the first and most crucial step in a successful remodeling project.

Your experience from the beginning of the design phase through completion is directly related to the design and build company with which you choose to partner. This is perhaps the most important decision you will make in the remodeling process. We have all heard way too many horror stories to know that all contractors are not created equal. Not every remodeling contractor is well suited for every job. The key is finding the right design and build team based on your particular scope of work.

It is very important that the sophistication of the contractor you choose matches the complexity and scope of work of your design and remodeling project. Whole house renovations, additions, master suites, and kitchens are complicated. Conversely, you probably don’t need a fully staffed design and build firm to replace a fence, a gate, or to install a doggy door.

A good place to start is a call to H2H Design + Build. Tell us about your project and the things you feel are important for us to know. We will talk to about if we are best suited for your the scope of your project. You can then expect to talk to our design and build team where we will go into greater detail about your particular project goals. This brief chat allows us both to properly prepare and lays out clear expectations for our first meeting in your home.

Norcross Dr.: First Floor Remodel

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