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Designing Your Dream Garden for Under $5,000!

Designing Your Dream Garden for Under $5,000!

Gardening season has arrived! Are you thinking giving  your garden an overhaul, but don’t want to spend a lot? Revamping your outdoor space can seem a bit costly when you’re starting to shop around, but you need to find out how to start in the right places! Here are some great tips for you to consider when you are thinking about redoing that garden of yours!

Shop Smarter:  Start shopping in the clearance section first! The best finds always take time for you to scout them out, but once you find them it will be worth it.  Another, money saver can be to re purpose existing materials you may already have such as stones or mini pebbles to create a little pathway or fountain border.

Perennial Borders:  Start to plan out a beautiful border with unique elements such as bench and perennials that work best in climates for your area, along with the color scheme that you desire. This will create balance and a beautiful design.

Designing Your Dream Garden for Under $5,000!

Refresh Landscape with Mulch and New Shrubs:  A great way to save some money is by reshaping or replacing any unhealthy or overgrown shrubs, along with mulching and reshaping the garden beds.

Incorporate a Water Feature:  By adding a free-standing bowl fountain or just a whimsical fountain in general will give your garden a whole new look and revamp your landscape!

Designing Your Dream Garden for Under $5,000!

Bursts of Color:  Use bright, vibrant colors to liven up your landscapes or flowerbeds!

Add a Lighted Pathway:  By adding a lighted pathway on the side of your house or around your garden can improve your functionality and landscape design even when you are trying to stay on a budget!

Building or Installing a Trendy Horizontal Fence:  By adding a fence to or around your garden can enhance the look and design of your garden. Not only will it serve as a lovely addition to your space, but it will create privacy as well.


Stamped Concrete Overlay:  Have cracked or unbearable looking concrete? Transform it by doing a stamped overlay instead of ripping it all out and laying new concrete down. This will create an extraordinary new look for your new space!

I hope these tips, tricks and ideas help you create your dream garden and keep your budget down! Have fun and remember if you’re working outside, wear sunscreen!

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