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Questions to ask before beginning your Remodel

Questions to ask before beginning your Remodel

There are so many things to consider before you begin your home’s remodel.  As a homeowner it can be overwhelming especially when this is your first remodel and you have no idea what to expect, making it hard to realize what questions need to be asked before getting started.  We have generated a list of questions you should be asking as well as some of the common questions we have been asked by some of our clients.

Is your contractor license and bonded?  This is probably one of the most important questions you can ask and the answer should be YES!  If something were to happen, chances are your homeowners insurance will not cover a contractor who is not license and bonded.

Do you have workman’s comp insurance:  Answer you want to hear is yes!

What does a project like this cost?  Depending on the route you choose, you could get many different answers to this question.  We never provide a bid, but rather a ball park estimate pending the size of the project.  As a design build firm we work within a budget our clients are comfortable with.  General Contractors tend to provide a bid on the project however that leads into our next follow up question.

How are materials selected?  Make sure to ask how this is factored into your budget?  Is there an allowance for material or is this an additional purchase not factored into your budget?

How long will this project take?  A remodel can be quite an inconvenience.  You will need to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, your contractor should be able to give you a time frame based on the size of your project.

Do I need to move out?  That will be a decision that will have to be decided by the homeowners, but depending on the size of the project it is a possibility.  If it is an extensive remodel, renting might have to be an option while your home is being remodeled.  If this isn’t in the cards, you may have to get creative and create a kitchen within your garage, which we have seen our clients do many times.

There are many things going through your mind as you plan for your remodel, but do not hesitate to ask the right questions.  So make sure to have your clipboard ready and ask away!






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