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Do I need Permits for my Remodel?

Do I need Permits for my Remodel?

One of the most common questions we receive when meeting with clients is “Do I need permits for my remodel?”  Most homeowners think of the permitting process as expensive, time consuming and all around daunting.  While all of this can be true, the fact is as homeowner it is in your best interest to get city permits and here are a few reasons why.

Ensures Safe and Quality Work:

One of the main purposes of getting city permits is to make sure the work is being done properly and safely.  What if someone wired your home incorrectly, could you imagine if this caused a spark or fire?  Or if you were the homeowner of a new property and had to rewire a home with poor wiring?  This could cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars.  Having an inspector come and check on the work throughout various stages of the remodel ensures things are being done safely and correctly.

Selling Your Home?

If your current home isn’t your forever home, then you should definitely get permits.  This is they type of thing that can come back and bite you later when it comes to selling your home.  If any work was done while you were living in the home, this will have to be disclosed as well as any city permits and if there are no permits, the house may not sell and delay your whole process.  You could be subject to a lawsuit if it gets discovered after the sale goes through.  While getting permits might seem like an inconvenience at the time, it isn’t worth the chaos it could cause later.

Nothing is to Small:

There really isn’t a job that is to small that doesn’t require permits.  Even something as small as replacing a light switch involves electrical which may involve needing permits, depending on the city you reside in.  There really aren’t to many jobs that don’t involve getting city permits.

The best way to look at city permits is as a way to insure yourself as the homeowner as well as insurance for whoever you choose to hire for your project.  The cost and time of getting city permits far out ways any repercussions you may have to deal with later.  Another thing to remember is that when hiring a professional such as a design/build firm they should handle city permits for you, which will make the who process a lot easier for you.


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