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Reality Show Remodel vs. a Real Remodel

Reality Show Remodel vs. a Real Remodel

Homeowners love their reality show remodels.  Who doesn’t love to see a whole house transformation happen in 2 weeks and for $50,000.00?  Fun to watch, yes, realistic, no.  It is great to see people get inspired and excited about remodeling their homes, but it is also disheartening to see people get saddened by the news that their budget and timeline are unrealistic.  We thought we would take the time to paint a more realistic picture and debunk some of those reality show remodels and give you a better idea as to what a remodel really looks like.

Reality Show Remodel vs. a Real Remodel    Reality Show Remodel vs. a Real Remodel

Time Line:  HGTV and DIY show bathrooms are being remodeled over the course of a weekend and kitchens take 2 weeks and an entire home remodel can be completed within a month.  Due to production and time constraints they are able to make this happen on TV, however this is not reality.  The average timeline for a standard bathroom remodel is approximately 6-8 weeks.  The number one reason for this is typically only one body can fit into a bathroom at a time to do what needs to be done.  Paint and grout need to dry before moving onto any next steps which can take a day or two to completely dry.  Often times on your favorite shows they are scrambling to get projects done and maybe 30 people are working on a project when in reality maybe 8 people are working on your home during various stages.

Reality Show Remodel vs. a Real RemodelBudget:  According to the Cost vs. Value Report distributed earlier this year the average cost of a bathroom remodel in San Jose is between $22,000-$64,000.  So when budgeting for your poject I would think a good number to start at would be somewhere in the middle of those figures.  The housing market is hot in this area and so is construction.  This industry is going to be directly impacted by the housing market. When remodeling some things to think about that you don’t see on TV are the cost of materials, products, labor and city permits.  Often times on HGTV homeowners aren’t paying for the materials going into the home or even labor, as is the case with Property Brothers.  Many of the products are marked down or even free for promotional and advertising costs.  That has a huge impact on your budget.

Reality Show Remodel vs. a Real Remodel

HGTV and DIY are entertaining channels to watch and provide great ideas for homeowners.  The most important thing to remember is that they are still trying to create entertainment and some story lines can be a little too unrealistic.  For some additional information on this subject check out these articles from Remodeling and Kiplinger.


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