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5 Decorating Tips when Moving in Together

5 Decorating Tips when Moving in Together

You are finally taking the plunge and moving in together!  This is a time filled with both excitement and stress.  You have finally found a place you both can agree on and now you need to decorate this place to make it our own, but you realize you don’t have the same decorating style.  How do you do this without calling it quits before you move in.  Take a look at our 5 decorating tips when moving in together.

1. Set up deal breakers:  For him it might be throw pillows and for her it could be his old leather couch.  If there are just some items you can’t compromise on, than it is best to just leave them out.  The goal of moving in together is to create a place to call your own and if there is an item that is going to throw off that balance then it is best to just send it to goodwill.

2. Shop Together:  Weekends spent at Ikea or Pottery Barn, probably seems like more of a chore than a fun outing, but it really helps you learn a lot about your partner’s style.  Who knows maybe during these outings you might realize you have a lot more in common then you think.

5 Decorating Tips when Moving in Together

3. Pinterest:  This can be very helpful and a great way for both of you to get inspiration.  As you come across things that you would like in your home the two of you can sit and discuss it later.  What would and wouldn’t work.  This can also be very fun and get the two of you excited for move in day and creating a space that is all your own.

4. Save some for Later:  Not everything has to be done the minute you move in.  If you can’t figure out what to do with that blank wall, leave it blank!  Decorating your home isn’t a race and something that will take time before it feels complete.

5. Your Relationship is more Important:  You are moving in together for a reason and your relationship should out way any argument that could arise from decorating your home.  Remember to keep your priorities in mind and number one is the two of you!


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