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Remodeling Costs in the Bay Area

Remodeling Costs in the Bay Area

So you are ready to remodel, you have done your research and watched a lot of HGTV so you are pretty sure you have an idea as to how  much remodeling costs, but do you really?  Have you thought about plumbing, electrical, materials, appliances, and city permitting?  Remodeling Magazine has just recently come out with there cost vs. value report for many metropolitan cities throughout the United States.  We thought we would tackle what the real cost of some of the most popular remodels are in San Jose.

Kitchen Remodel:  The Social Hub of the home is of course going to be one of the most popular areas to remodel.  It also can be one of the most expensive because it is intricate and involves many variables including  electrical and plumbing appliances and cabinetry.  According to the cost vs. value report the average cost of a mid range kitchen remodel in San Jose is $70,000.00.  A mid range major kitchen remodel is described as a 200 sq. foot kitchen that is updated with semi custom cabinets, laminate counter tops, new appliances, new flooring and new paint and trim.  There are many key words to notice with a mid range kitchen remodel, one being semi custom and the other being laminate.  It is very rare that home homeowners go with anything but stone counter tops and most cabinetry within a kitchen is custom because it allows for more options for the home owner.  This brings us to the upscale kitchen remodel which averages at $135,000.00 in San Jose.  An upscale kitchen remodel would involve stone counter tops, ceramic back splash, high end appliances and custom cabinetry.  A budget somewhere in the middles of these two numbers is a much more realistic picture of what a kitchen remodel costs in the silicon valley.

Remodeling Costs in the Bay Area


Bathroom Remodel:  Another popular room to remodel is the bathroom.  There area many factors to consider with the bathroom, which is the size.  Is it a master, guest or powder bathroom.  Just like a kitchen remodel bathrooms average on the mid range and upscale level. A mid range bathroom remodel averages around $22,000.  This involves updating a 5 x 7 space with a new tub, shower, tile, flooring and fixtures.  An upscale bathroom remodel of the same space will average $65,000.00.  This includes relocating all fixtures, heated floors and towel bars, and expanding the existing space to create a larger bathroom.  A bathroom remodel’s pricing really depends on the size of the space and the  materials being selected.

Remodeling Costs in the Bay AreaRemodeling Costs in the Bay Area

Additions:  Additions cost can very on what type of an addition is being created.  A master suite is going to cost roughly $136K- $272K while a bathroom addition can run anywhere from $50K to $90K and a second story addition is about $200K in San Jose.  This is again based on size and material being selected.

The good news is that while many of these prices can cause some sticker shock, the chances are you will recoup much of the costs back in resale value.  On most of these project at least 85% or more of the project was recouped.  To learn more about the Cost vs. Value Report check it out here.

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