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The Man Cave

The Man Cave

We are so excited to have finished our latest remodel, the man cave!  The homeowner of the man cave has been a long time client of ours and it was always his goal to convert his garage into a place to hang out and entertain with his friends.  We are thrilled to make this goal of his a reality in the most creative way.

The Man Cave

We definitely wanted to create a vintage feel in the space with exposed brick and and wood paneling.  This gave the space a a much more masculine feel as well a cozy warm feeling.

In order to create additional seating we a small bar along the pool table was added.  We definitely wanted to create more space where guests could be entertained and enjoy hanging out.

The Man CaveCustom cabinetry was built into the space in order to create additional storage for the garage.

The cabinetry color and finish work perfectly with the space and continue with the rugged and masculine theme we were going for.

No Man Cave is complete without a pool table!  The pool table was already in the space so the design was based on the fact that the pool table would be taking up a majority of the space and would be the main focal point of the man cave.

Since the space is still a garage the water heater and other items are in there.  We got creative in hiding these items by creating a hide a door in order to access them when needed.

We of course needed a flat screen in the space as well.  A rustic TV console fit into the space perfectly in order to create an entertainment area for all the electronics.

Every man wants a a nice man cave to hang out with friends or to just sit back and relax.  We are glad to have made this dream a reality for this homeowner.


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