H2H design + build, LLC | 6 Ideas for that Spare Room that aren’t an Office
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6 Ideas for that Spare Room that aren’t an Office

6 Ideas for that Spare Room that aren’t an Office

Can’t decide what to do with that spare room in the house?  An office is the obvious choice, but maybe you don’t need or want one!  Well you are in luck, check out these fun ideas to turn that unused spare room into a space you never want to leave!

1. Home Theater:  Take that spare room no one uses and turn it into a room that the whole family can enjoy.  Add some cozy chairs, a couch and flat screen and create that perfect space for everyone to relax.

6 Ideas for a Spare Room that aren't an office

2.  Closet/Dressing Room:  Who doesn’t want their perfect dream closet?  Add some extra dressers, chairs and wracks of clothes to create the perfect space to get yourself ready in the morning.

6 Ideas for that Spare Room that isn't an Office

6 Ideas for that Spare Room that isn’t an Office

3.  Game Room:  Another great idea to get the family together.  Bring in a pool table or ping pong table and get everyone together and have some fun.  Add some of your favorite sports memorabilia and make it the ultimate man cave!GamRoom


4.  Kid’s Play Room:  Need additional space for all of the kid’s things?  Create a fun and entertaing room for the kids to play.  Add some tiny table and chairs, bookshelves, even a wall of chalk paint for the future artist.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a space for your kids to stay entertained.


5.  Reading Nook:  Think of the endless possibilities of having your own library and place to get lost in books.  Turn an unused room into a cozy hideaway to enjoy one of your favorite pastimes.


6.   Studio:  Take that long time past times of yours and create a space where you can enjoy it.  Whether that is painting, pottery or playing the guitar.  Create a room that caters to your passion.


No matter what you decide to to do with that extra room, make sure it becomes a space you and the family will enjoy!  That extra room is a luxury so be sure to turn it into a room you will love!

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