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Ideas for Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party

Ideas for Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party

Christmas is right around the corner and that means lots of holiday parties, dinners and of course time with family.  Whether this is your first time hosting or your 10th it can be a really stressful time.  Some of the  most fun as well as stressful part is the decorating and getting everything together.  Below are some of our favorite ideas for hosting the perfect dinner party.

1. Seasonal Touches:  Probably one the easiest things to make your table and decor look effortless is to use seasonal items to decorate.  Poinsettias as center pieces to holly sprigs tucked into napkin settings.  Seasonal items are very easy to find and these little touches here and there can really make a difference to the decor of your home.

Ideas for hosting the perfect dinner party

2. Silver and Gold:  Silver and gold is a holiday favorite and something that can be used after the seasons are over as we get into the winter months if done right.  We love the idea of taking large glass vases or jars and filling them up with silver and gold ornaments.  These are easy to find and usually pretty inexpensive.  Use them as center pieces or as added touches around the house.

Ideas for hosting the perfect dinner paty

3. Bar Cart:  Put that bar cart to use!  Bar carts are coming back in style and what better time to dust it off and use it then for you holiday party.  This creates a destination for your guests to go to and start off the evening.  If you don’t have a bar cart go ahead and create one with a table with a nice linen and place for your essentials there.

Ideas for hosting the perfect dinner party

4.  The Hub of the Home:  As much as we don’t want everyone in the kitchen, this is where the action generally takes place, so that means you need to be ready.  Have snacks and hors devours ready for your guest.  Also if you do plan on having a drink station put it away from the kitchen if that isn’t where you want the action to be.

Ideas for hosting the perfect dinner party

5.  Desert Table:  Create a desert table and move it to the living or family room.  Get everyone out of the dining room so that clean up can begin.  No need to be formal with desert table have festive paper plates for quick and easy clean up for you!

Ideas for hosting the perfect Dinner Party


Hosting the perfect dinner party can be a lot of fun.  There is no need to stress yourself out.  You can make your home look festive and not break the bank or rip your hair out.  The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself!

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