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How to get this Serene Retreat

How to get this Serene Retreat

One of our most popular remodels is the Tailored Retreat or better known as the HGTV winner for Serene Retreat.  This was a remodel we had done a couple of years ago and much of the inspiration for this remodel was based on a popular retreat where the homeowners often vacationed.  This master suite underwent the ultimate transformation that included not only the bedroom and bathroom, but also converting the closet into a utility room.  We thought we would take the time to share with you how we were able to achieve the look for this serene retreat!

1. Lighting:  Rather then taking up valuable space on the night stands we opted to have two pendant lights hanging as well as recessed lighting along the bulk head.  This helped to provide a lot of adequate lighting along the bed.

How to get this Serene Retreat

2. Master Bed:  An upholstered headboard was on the homeowners wish list along with the beautiful blue textured accent wall.  The specific look we went for gives the appearance that the ceiling is taller and the wide headboard allows for the pendant lights and night stands to fit into the space.

3. Fabric:  The bed’s design was all custom from the comforter to accent pillows.  The upholstered head board was also custom created with fabric chosen by the homeowners to fit their color schemes of neutrals and blues.

4. Fan:  The ceiling fan offers a more of the high end resort feel the couple were going for.  It is an added design element for the space.

5. Sewing Storage:  A hobby of one of the homeowners is sewing so it was essential to convert their closet into a utility room as well as serve as a place to spend time enjoying her hobby.  The Martha Stewart Spool and Bobbin Storage was the perfect piece to help keep the tailor organized.

6. Laundry:  The utility room also included a full functioning laundry room including a washer, dryer and farmhouse sink with additional storage underneath.

7. Utility Room:  Simple cabinetry was the goal for this room along with having ample storage for items such as wrapping paper, laundry and clothing.

This project was a lot of fun for our designers and allowed for a lot of room for creativity.  We were happy to create a dream space for the homeowners and gave them a space that now feels like their very own serene retreat!

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