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Galley Kitchen Remodel for the Globetrotter

Galley Kitchen Remodel for the Globetrotter

The owner of this galley kitchen has been a long time client of ours.  This kitchen was in need of some updating and we were able to accomplish this with a much more modern and masculine design for the bachelor who owns this home.  It was important to incorporate this world traveler’s passion into the home and of course we wanted to give him a reason to miss his home.

Galley Kitchen  Galley Kitchen

1.  Galley Layout:  Working with galley layout it is important to make the space feel open and spacious.  A specific request of the homeowner was to incorporate additional space for other people to help prep and cook.  We had to rearrange appliances in order to provide the extra counter space.

2.  Cabinetry and Paint Color:  In order to stay within the masculine design, dark cabinetry was chosen.  A custom light blue was painted on the walls in order to brighten up the space.  The design concept for this space revolved around travel.  Every design element kept in mind the homeowners adventures.   Galley Kitchen  

3.  Ceiling Fan:  The oil brushed ceiling fan offers timeless versatility and really fit into the space and achieved the look we were striving for.  This is a stunning addition to the room.

4.  Dining Area:  The kitchen opens up straight into the dining area.  In addition to the dining area a treasure was used as divider between the living space and dining area.  This is able to hold additional storage.

5.  Chandelier:  This clean and contemporary chandelier fits perfectly within the space.  It adds both a masculine look as well as warmth within the space.

6.  Hardware:  Each piece of hardware adds to the masculine and modern design we were going for within the space.

7.  Lighting:  Recessed lighting was brought into the space as well as a 3 light bath bar in order to provide additional light and add more character to the galley kitchen.

8.  Design:  In order to achieve the most out of the space the kitchen was expanded to the entry space, a tall utility cabinet was put in next to the refrigerator and the microwave and oven were combined into one tall cabinet. The refrigerator and oven were also relocated to create a more conducive layout.

We were happy to help this galley kitchen go under a large transformation in order to create this traveler’s dream space.


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