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How to Prepare your Home for the Wet Weather

How to Prepare your Home for the Wet Weather

If you have been watching the news lately the weather has been very wet and stormy lately and we are only into fall, so we will only be getting more as winter comes.  Being from California all we hear about is El Nino this year, so we thought we would take the time to let you know what are the most important things to consider when getting your home prepared for wet weather.

1.  Check the Roof:  This is probably the most important thing you will do.  You don’t need to be an expert to do this.  Just look for any misalignment, bent or deteriorated shingles, or missing shingles.  If you have any concerns your next step would be to call a professional and really get to the root of the problem.


2.  Clean the Gutters:  When it comes to water intrusion, clogged gutters are the #1 culprit.  So either call a handyman or grab yourself a ladder and get to cleaning.


3.  Check the Drainage System:  After a rain storm check for any pooling water.  Make sure you are checking areas where the soil meets the ground.  You should be looking for any soggy areas.  If you do find water logging, you can dig a trench and lay a pipe to direct water to a safe area.


4.  Reinforce Single Pane Windows:  Single pane windows can only handle so much water.  So make sure to reinforce the edges with painters tape or duct tape.


5. Sandbags:  If you live in an area where flooding can occur, you should have extra sandbags on hand.  You can really never be to careful and it is better to be safe then sorry.

California Storms

6.  Flood Insurance:  If you live in an area where flooding can happen, beach properties or even very dry areas where the ground is unable to absorb the water, flood insurance isn’t a bad idea.


Always take the necessary precautions to make sure you and your family are safe.  In many parts of the country it is expected to be very wet this year, so you can’t be overly cautious and it is alway good to be prepared.  So take these helpful steps and prepare your home for the wet weather.

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