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How to get the Most out of a Small Space

How to get the Most out of a Small Space

Our latest bathroom remodel was a master bathroom that came with its challenges, one being the small space.  We definitely had to get creative in order to get all of the homeowners needs and wants into such a small space.  The project became a full remodel so that this could be accomplished.  When we were done this once small and dated bathroom became a much more modern and spacious master bath.















The first thing that had to be dealt with in this small space was the large floor to ceiling window that took up and entire wall of valuable space. Once that was removed, that space was able to now accommodate a built in vanity with storage.


With the removal of the window, another problem presented itself.  What to do about getting natural light in the space?   Two framed in windows were built into the small space.  Located near the ceiling these windows served their purpose of providing natural light as well as air and circulation for the space.


With the newly created space a large walk in shower was now able to fit in order to replace the small corner shower that was there before.  Another key element for the space was a wall hung toilet with its’ concealed tank.  A great deal of space was saved and this also added to the modern look of the master bathroom.


There are many ways to get creative and add more space and function to your small space.  Removing windows, re configuring plumbing, adding additional elements to create more space are all things that can be done.  This small space went through a huge overhaul in order to get the space the homeowners wanted as well as provide the function they needed.

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