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What is with these Tiny Houses?

What is with these Tiny Houses?

I don’t know about you, but it seems like these tiny houses are everywhere.  I can’t say I have actually ever seen one, but they are on TV, online and in magazines.  So I thought we should really dive into this and see what the tiny house movement is about.


Just to put it into perspective the average home in America is 2600 sq ft.  A tiny house is ONLY 100-400 square feet.  The focus is obviously on a smaller more simplistic way of living.  Some of the main reasons for doing this are environmental and financial concerns as well as the freedom to travel.  Some homes are even mobile.  On average anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of a paycheck goes to putting a roof over your head.  68% of people living in a tiny house have no mortgage.  The average cost of a tiny house is roughly $23,000.00 when built by the owner.  That alone makes a tiny house seem enticing!

So what does tiny living entail?  Here some of the things we have learned about living in a tiny space:

1.  It’s not always so tidy.  Many photos and shows we see, show a very clean and organized space.  This is not always the case, and it usually takes double the amount of work to make sure a small space stays organized.

What is with these Tiny Houses?

2. Entertaining is a little Different:  Having guests over and entertaining is a little different then what it used to be.  Most of these homes can hold 2 max so it doesn’t really function for parties or even a sit down dinner of more then 2.

What is with these Tiny Houses?

3.  Get down to Basics:  Many find it to be a blessing to live small and get rid of the clutter that they had before.  Being forced to live simply and small has removed so much unnecessary items for many tiny house homeowners.

What is with these Tiny Houses

Living small is definitely not for everyone, but it is definitely something fun to think about!  The Tiny Life is a great resource for those interested in giving the tiny life a try.  For those of us who aren’t ready to do that, many of the houses are so unique and fun to look at, who knows you may even get inspiration for your not so tiny home.



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