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What Exactly is Design + Build?

What Exactly is Design + Build?

We get this question very often, what is design + build?  How does it differ from hiring a general contractor, designer or architect?  Before we answer this, there are a couple of things to consider about your project.  First, how involved do you want to be and second, what is your budget?  These are two very important questions to ask yourself before starting your renovation.  They will also play a very important factor on who you choose to hire.

IMG_0248One of the biggest differences between design + build and and other firms or contractors is the convenience.  Design + build is often described as turn key and essentially it is.  You can pretty much pass off your house key and other then the design decisions discussed in the beginning and few questions here and there, the entire project will be taken care of.What Exactly is design + build?

Another huge convenience of design + build is everyone works under the same roof.  Instead of hiring an architect and designer and general contractor the design +  build firm offer all of that for you.  This leaves little room for error because in all honesty the most important part of a remodel is the communication.  Since everyone comes from the same firm there is great communication from everyone involved on the project.

What Exactly is design + build?

Most people remodeling their home already have a 9-5 so they don’t need to add another 40 hours a week managing their home renovation.  With other remodeling agencies you would have to manage all contractor and subcontractors from the electricians, to painters to plumbers.  A design + build firm will manage all of that for you.

There is no wrong or right choice when it comes to who you hire to remodel your home, just make sure it is right for you and stays within your budget and design style.

What exactly is design + build



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