H2H design + build, LLC | 6 DIY Projects that should be left to the Professionals
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6 DIY Projects that should be left to the Professionals

6 DIY Projects that should be left to the Professionals

It is very convenient and popular today, to do your own projects around the house.  Thanks to blogging and pinterest, DIY projects are everywhere and everyone seems to think they can do just about anything themselves after watching a video or reading some step by step instructions.  If someone in your house is a certified contractor or handyman, then more power to you, but for those of us who don’t have that at home we thought we would share some projects we would not recommend you doing yourself.



1.  Re-Roofing Your House:   Many people have re-roofed their house and it is something that can be done by the average person, however we suggest contacting the experts for this one.  The amount of time it takes the average person compared to a professional is well worth the money you are spending.  A professional can get it done in about a day, where we have heard some stories of people taking up to 3 weeks, Yikes!


2.  Anything involving Gas:  Many people do feel that they have done enough research to warrant fixing old pipes and connecting them.  It may seem easy, but we can think of about 100 different things that can go wrong from over tightening to under tightening nuts.  A gas leak could very easily happen if you aren’t careful.

6 DIY projects that you should leave to the professionals

3.  Anything involving Electrical:  Same thing applies here.  It is just to easy for something to go wrong.  I for one am not interested in getting shocked or electrocuted so I will definitely be giving this one to the professionals.

6 DIY Projects that should be left to the professionals

4.  Knocking down Walls:  Demo is often viewed as something people can do themselves as we see often on DIY network and HGTV, however there are many things to consider before knocking down that wall.  Is it load-bearing, does it have any electrical, or plumbing behind it  The cost of fixing that mistake is a lot more then having someone come knock down some walls.


5.  Anything you don’t have time or patience for:  Removing cottage cheese or popcorn on the ceiling can be a pretty easy, but if you don’t have the time or patience to fix that, then you really shouldn’t start it.  Many projects can seem easy but can be tedious and take a lot of time that you just might not be prepared for.  Remember time is money and your time is valuable.


6.  Cutting Granite or counter tops:  Unless you are the most skilled DIYer we really don’t recommend custom cutting your own granite for for sinks or to fit around cabinetry.  A lot of money was spent on the granite so why not spend a little extra to have it cut and finished properly?

We love to get out and do things ourselves, and I know how tempting it is to save a buck here and there, but with some things it is just smarter to hire professionals.  You will not only be saving yourself time, but also a lot of money if something were to go wrong!



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