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Real Home Renovation Costs

Real Home Renovation Costs

For all of you HGTV fanatics out there getting lost in a marathon of Fixer Upper or Love it or List, have you ever taken the time to think about what a real home renovation cost?  Don’t get me wrong I can start watching HGTV at 10AM and not realize it has been 5 hours and I haven’t moved off of the couch.  However, at times these budgets on these shows seems so small I am left questioning how much can get done so quickly and with such little money?  I just wanted to address for all those HGTV and DIY addicts out there (myself included), that there are certain things to consider before beginning a home renovation.

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Research:  Take the time to learn what the average cost of a renovation in your area cost.  In California the average cost a of kitchen remodel is $62,000.00 and a bathroom is about $17,000.00. On some of these shows that is the budget for a whole house remodel . I am not saying that, that budget isn’t correct, but the area in which you live plays a role in cost, so definitely take the time to research the market in your area.  Along with researching your budget make sure to research contractors, design and build firms, and architects in your area.


Budget Accordingly:  When out shopping for material and items you like make sure to be aware of labor fees.  On average labor fees can run you about 20%-40% in additional costs.  Be smart in planning and keep this mind so you don’t blow your budget on all the material with no way to install it.
kitchen 1

Timeline:  Renovations don’t usually take days or weeks, but months.  For H2H a standard kitchen remodel is usually about 3-4 months.    That is from the beginning and estimation phase to the demolition of the space to the construction and build out.  I hate to say it, but your space won’t be done in a matter of days like some of these shows, so be sure to budget your time well!


Have Fun:  This will be a long process, but remember to have fun and make the space your own.  Not everyone gets the opportunity to create the space of their dreams.  There are many resources to help take the stress away from you such as a design + build firm.  If you are completely new to home design Houzz is a great place to start if you have no idea on what you are doing.  They have everything from idea books to finding pros in your area.  So get off the couch and stop watching HGTV and get out and create that perfect remodeled space.



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