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Our Favorite Before and After Room Remodels

Our Favorite Before and After Room Remodels

At H2H we get the most feedback form our before and after photos of room remodels  Especially when the transformation is so significant.  We have so much fun doing all of our room remodels but with some of the more dated rooms and seeing what they turn into we can’t help but be a little biased and have some favorites!

Moroccan Jewel Master Bedroom:

This is by far one of our most talked about renovations.  We get questions weekly about this master bedroom.  The room already had great bones, but was in need of some personality, and we definitely provided a bold and stylish personality to this room.  Just about everything in this room was custom from the paint to the comforter.  The paint on the walls is a combination of different colors and the ceiling was created by using a silver leaf method (similar to wallpaper).  This award winning design definitely makes the list as a favorite!




Moroccan Jewel Master Bathroom:

Along with the gorgeous master bedroom we also created a luxurious master bathroom that we can’t get enough of!  The original bathroom needed a little face lift and we were happy to provide that and a little more with this room remodel.  The contrast of dark wood and light porcelain creates a beautiful room we wish we could wake up and get ready in every morning.




Entertainment Mecca:

The goal with this kitchen room remodel was to open up the space and create a space with an open floor plan that created access for everyone to be together as well as allow for better entertaining.  This rustic kitchen now opens up to the dining room and family room allowing for the ultimate entertaining space the clients were looking for.  Who knew what knocking down a few walls could do?



Rustic Rue:

Along with this Entertainment Mecca we also remodeled a small guest bathroom downstairs that kept within the same rustic feel of the rest of the renovated space.  This trough sink is by far a focal point of the small space.  We were happy to bring the character of the entertainment space into this compact bathroom!




Everyone loves to see the progress of a redesign and what can be created within a space.  We are so excited for all of these past transitions and for all of the before and after’s we have yet to come!

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