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5 Tips to get the Industrial Look for your Home

5 Tips to get the Industrial Look for your Home

I don’t know about you, but here at H2H we are really into the industrial look, our design library is even getting an updated makeover to fit it.   We have found many odds and ends to create the industrial look from lamps to hooks and racks to add to the design we are going for.  There are so many examples out there to inspire this design trend, that we thought we would share our favorite looks we have found while browsing Houzz, Pinterest, as well as some of our own projects!


1.  Exposed Brick:  We love this space and how it incorporates both traditional and modern pieces to create a very complimentary kitchen.  Did we mention the brick wall?  When I think of industrial I think of exposed brick walls and this space has just enough to make the brick wall a focal point that fits the space perfectly.


2.  Modern Finishes:  There are many finishes that scream industrial from concrete to weathered wood, but we are loving the metal backsplash on this kitchen right now!  It is not something you see everyday, but it has gained a lot of popularity and  this kitchen incorporated it flawlessly.

Brassfield Kitchen-4

3.  Lighting:  There is so much lighting out there that adds to the industrial look.  One of our favorites is from one of our recent kitchen and living room remodels that had a rustic modern look to it.  We really like this hanging light fixture above the kitchen table.  It is an excellent example of what an industrial light fixture can add to a space.


4.  Accessories:  Accessories are a great way to create some added detail to your industrial look.  Curtain rods, hooks and mirrors are just some of the items that come to mind to add just an extra little bonus to your industrialized space.  In fact we have similar hooks in our design library that we were able to make ourselves!


5.  Accent Pieces:  As most of us know accent furniture can really add to a space.  Something with some color or in this case metal and exposed wood is definitely eye catching as well as creates some function and additional storage.

The industrial look doesn’t just have to be in an over sized loft or abandoned warehouse, but can be created in a settle way in your own home.  We are obviously in love with the look over here at H2H so anyway you can incorporate some extra industrial touches we say go for it!



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