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Creating a Brighter Space

Creating a Brighter Space

There is nothing worse then being in a dark room with bad lighting, especially a bathroom.  I know the ladies understand, horrible lighting and getting ready in the  morning don’t mix. Or reading a book in a dark living room.  One of our most recent projects we just finished up was to design better lighting in the bathrooms to create a bright and more inviting space.  If you aren’t quite ready for a full bathroom remodel, here are some helpful tips to creating brighter a space for you to enjoy!

Paint the Ceiling White:  I know most people know this and already do this, but traditionally your ceiling should be a few shades lighter then the rest of the walls in the room.  A white ceiling will help to reflect the light rather then absorb it.




Paint an Accent Wall:  We often see on pinterest these fabulous red dining rooms or chocolate brown master bedrooms, but this is not the most ideal shades when wanting to create more light. Darker paint naturally doesn’t create the most bright living spaces.  I know it might be hard, especially if you have your heart set on color.  Sometimes less is more and an accent wall can be just as beautiful and allow for more light and create much brighter space.


Accent Wall


Take advantage of the Natural Light:  Don’t hide the windows with dark shades or blinds.  Chances are there aren’t a lot of windows anyway so why cover them up?  If you are in need of privacy in the room try and get light fabric or shades to allow some light into the room.


Lighting:  Lighting is key when creating a brighter more well lit space.  Recessed lighting can help tremendously when brightening up the space because it can create both  effective ambient as well as accent illumination.  This can be key if you have a dark ceiling that you don’t want to paint.


Mix and Match:  Make sure to have a good balance of light and dark furniture when decorating the space.  Dark accessories and accents can really add dimension to lighter furniture without darkening the space.



Take advantage of these ideas for making your space a much brighter area to do your makeup, read a book or just spend time with family.  Who knows maybe these small changes can help create whole new look in your room and people may just think you remodeled.


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