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Wallpaper, Should we Love it or Hate it?

Wallpaper, Should we Love it or Hate it?

You are getting to the fun part of your remodel, picking out paint colors, decorations and art.  Then someone throws in a curve ball and asks you about wallpaper?   Is wallpaper even still in style might be a question you are asking yourself?    Many people think of wallpaper as dated and old fashion.  I personally love wallpaper.  It is adds pop to a room and can add textures and colors paint really can’t do.  I know many might think I am crazy and would never allow wallpaper anywhere near their home.  Not just because of the styles, but it can be a pain to put up and if you already have some on the walls it can also be a huge mess to take down.  It is understandable why so many people have a love, hate relationship with wallpaper.


Wallpaper much like paint is actually very durable and also comes in a variety of colors as well as designs that paint just can’t.  Wallpaper also allows for texture and dimension, which can add a uniqueness to the room.

Wallpaper can range in price and does tend be to be more expensive then painting.  Things to consider are the rolls, supplies, as well as having someone install it.  Most would recommend having someone professionally install however there are some great temporary wall papers out there if you are DIYer.  Some we like are Spoonflower, Tempaper and Sherwin Williams.

Wallpaper at times can also be easier to clean then a painted wall.  In many varieties it is scrubbable and can withstand tearing in high traffic areas in the home.  For those of you with kids it is actually very durable and can withstand whatever your children may throw at it (literally)!

Just some helpful things to consider when putting wallpaper into a room, is the room itself.  We see a lot of bathrooms with wallpaper, so just be aware that rooms with a lot of moisture such as a bathrooms or laundry rooms where moisture can trap and peel the paper.  This is another reason we would recommend a professional installer to ensure wallpaper is hung properly.  After all you are spending a lot of money for the wallpaper you mine as well make sure it is hung up properly.

Wallpaper is definitely  making a comeback and comes in some very fun and subtle colors and shapes.  It all really comes down to personal preference, so let us know what you think?  Wallpaper do you love or hate it?

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