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5 Ideas to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space

5 Ideas to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space

I know summer is just about over, so I think it is best to take advantage of the outdoors and sun staying out late for as long we got it!  Everyone loves spending time outside whether it be BBQing on the weekends with friends, having a glass of wine on the patio with your honey, or just watching the kids play with the dog.  Before summer ends we thought we would give you a couple of tips on how to make the most of your outdoor space so you could get out there and enjoy the sun while it lasts!

Create lighting:  I personally love the string lights that hang over a patio or a pergola, there is something so romantic and rustic about this look.  If this isn’t your thing do something else to get creative with lighting, whether it be Christmas lights on a tree or your traditional lanterns or torches.  Either way make sure to get some proper lighting to create a warm space that can be used well after the sun goes down all year round.


Entertaining Space:  There are many things that can be done outside to create the best entertaining space to fit your needs.  Whether it be a patio with a dining space for you and your closest friends, or a lounge area to just relax.  If you have the space, an outdoor kitchen would be the ultimate of entertaining spaces to enjoy the outdoors.  Just make sure to evaluate the space and what you want your outdoor space to do for you.


Create Dimension:  Not everyone has large backyards that allow for a large entertaining space.  Some have small patios or balconies.  If this is the case utilize the walls and space you do have to create more dimension to the space. Ikea has some great outdoor furniture for those small spaces.


Plants and Flowers:  We can’t forget about these.  Fragrant flowers and greenery always make the outdoor space much more inviting and warm.  If the upkeep isn’t your thing or if you live where water is scarce try succulents.  They can add the greenery you are looking for without so much of the upkeep.


Details, Details, Details: Here comes the fun part, the decor of your outdoor space.  Don’t be afraid to dress up and have fun with color.  Get some fun lounge chairs, outdoor pillows, and rugs to give the space a splash of you!


The most important thing to remember is this space is an extension of you.  So go out there and BBQ, or have that glass of wine or play with the kids and pets.  Just make sure it is in a space you love.





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