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10 Small Room Decorating Tips to Create a Perfect Space

10 Small Room Decorating Tips to Create a Perfect Space

Many of us think of our dream home as this large mansion with all sorts of space to decorate and design as we would like.  Let’s be realistic many of us our far off from our dream home, some are still living in their first home or even an apartment or studio.  Just because you haven’t moved into your dream home just yet, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your current space and make it your dream home.  Below are 10 decorating tips to maximize your space and make it perfect just for you.

1.  Use Walls as Displays:  Hang some fun hooks in the living room so they serve as place for coats and hats or hang some jewelry in the walls of your bedroom.  Gallery walls are a great trend right now and allow for your personality to show with some fun art as well as free up some space.


2.  Double Duty Furniture:  Having furniture with additional storage space is always helpful when living in small spaces.  Ottomans are a perfect piece to serve multiple purposes from seating, storage, or in even smaller space they can act as a coffee table.


3.  Hang a Mirror:  Mirrors give the illusion of more space and allow for light to bounce off the room allowing for a more airier feel.


4.  Go Light:  Softer colors make a room feel larger and brighter.  Stick to neutrals in order to achieve this.


5.  Keep it clean:  This is easier said then done, and does apply to all living spaces,  but particularly in small spaces, remove any clutter.  Small spaces need to look simple and clean.


6.  Go Vertical:  Think up not out.  Add additional shelving in order to maximize space and allow for more storage and fun ways to decorate the space.


7.  Hang Draperies High:  This is the easiest way to make your ceiling look taller.  The trick is to hang the rod about 4 inches above the window frame.


8.  Cozy Equals Comfy:  Don’t get furniture that is oversize for the space. Take a look at the space and make sure to get what works functionally with the space.


9.   Statement Pieces:  Don’t forget to make your room pop with accent pieces that stand out.


10.  Utilize the Space:  Use the corners and walls to get as much function out of the space as you can.


These decorating tips are simple and easy to accomplish.  There is no reason why you can’t turn your small space into the perfect place and who knows maybe it will just become your dream home?

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