H2H design + build, LLC | 10 Hot Design Hacks in 15 Minutes or Less!
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10 Hot Design Hacks in 15 Minutes or Less!

10 Hot Design Hacks in 15 Minutes or Less!


Create Sand Filled Hurricane Glasses!


Hurricane glasses are perfect for housing tall, cylindrical candles. Channel an earthy vibe in your space by decorating the jar with beach sand. You can always alternate the fill later to better fit a new season!


Compliment your space with lots of Throw Pillows! 



New throw pillows don’t always need to cost you an arm and a leg! Once you have invested in quality inserts, you can simply search for pillow covers. Buy seasonal colors and styles so you can change up your look with each changing season. Explore textures such as linen and cotton for a cooler energy.

Rearranging your art, mirrors, and frames.


By rearranging any existing wall pieces in your home, you can give your space a fresh look in no time, without any additional purchases! Never underestimate the power of reevaluating the placement of your accessories and furniture!

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