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Too many choices? Try this tip.

Too many choices? Try this tip.

Too many choices? Try this tip.

I was reading an article about Carnival cruise lines offering a “dine any time” option to attract a younger market and provide that “options all the time your way” or something like that. Instead of embracing yet another custom option, the cruisers asked the company to reinstate the traditional meals dining. (I went to look for the new article and can’t find it, so if I’ve messed the details up (possible), let me know.)

Anyway, it made me think when children are faced with too many choices, they get fretful. I think as adults, we’re starting to feel the same way. I know our clients are feeling increasingly overwhelmed.

Yet more and more companies and marketers are bringing out “Eleven thousand customizable options for fifteen of our most popular lines.”


Here’s a tip: if you’re absolutely paralyzed, start by eliminating something you hate and would never have. It can be as silly as you like. For example, black painted floors, yellow cabinets, um…lampshades designed as bees. You’ve always hated orange. You might laugh but I’ve often found that by getting away from the anxiety of making that final choice and focusing on something silly, it frees up your mind enough that you may discover you won’t have white cabinets, no matter how many photos there are. Or that you’ve always loved chocolate brown floors. Try to get back some of that fun you had when you first started.

Or, alternatively, head to the bar. Sometimes it’s best to get a small rest from it all, even if it’s only for an afternoon.

Until Next Time,

H2H Team

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