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Office Makeover? We think yes!

Office Makeover? We think yes!

Who doesn’t love to start new projects as other projects(aka.  our industrial design library) are still underway? I know H2H does! Of course with our productive, we can do it all attitude we decided that we needed a revamp of the H2H Compound on top of the current Design Library revamp as well. We knew that the blue and brown had to go since it didn’t go well with our new sleek & modern H2H logo.  Let’s take a moment of silence to remember our old logo…….

"Old Blue"

“Old Blue”

RIP to the “Old Blue” logo we once had.

Now that we have taken a moment in remembrance for “Old Blue” lets take a look at our new and sleek H2H logo….


Here are a few pics of what went down in the H2H Compound the last few days…


Site was prepped for lighting install….


Lights are going up people……check out “Old Blue” in the background 🙂


Floating out the wall for our new logo….Bye “Old Blue!”


Bam!!!Hellooooo new logo wall. But wait….there’s more!


Voila! H2H Compound complete makeover! Be sure to follow us for more fun & inspiring Kitchen + Bath updates. Thanks for reading!

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