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Change your Kitchen Decor Style

Change your Kitchen Decor Style

Change Your Kitchen Decor Style

Are you ready to change up the decor in your kitchen? Of course you can call us for a complete kitchen redesign (408.288.5372), but perhaps all your kitchen needs is a personality kick with a few accent pieces. A new table runner, colorful pottery, or a wooden bowl filled with fresh fruits and veggies might be all you need to liven up the room.  You can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen with a few tweaks. Here are some ideas for inspiration… starting with our homey “food decorating,” which not only looks good but gives you plenty of healthy food at your fingertips.


Earthy & Natural: There are several ways you can bring an infusion of nature and earthiness to your kitchen design. Add exposed beams, natural stone and tile, and distressed wood to the design. When accessorizing, think wire baskets or wooden bowls filled with fresh vegetables or herb planters on your countertop or windowsill that offer flavorful seasonings right at your fingertips. Perhaps add some rustic lighting or grasscloth wallpaper. The cute herb pots are by Make International.




Make it Formal: If your kitchen style is formal, you can add sophisticated, stunning details during the design process. Think furniture-grade cabinetry, molding details, elegant lighting, glass doors, coffered ceilings, and a mixing of elements such as natural stone, glass, wood, metals, and fabulous hardware. Accessories like these from Arte Italica work well for this style.150223_FormalKitchen


Retro Vibe:  There are plenty of retro kitchen elements you can find to give your kitchen a bright, 50’s vibe. From colorful appliances to dining sets and countertop accessories, this look is sure to add a pop of personality to your space. Be sure to check out Smeg’s appliances if you’re going for this kind of look and add some funky fabric to those dining chairs! I took this photo last year in Milan – the cabinetry is by Marchi Group.150223_RetroKitchenDecor



Credits: http://www.kitchendesigns.com/blog/change-your-kitchen-decor-style/

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